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Roonka Australia, a progressive, exciting all-Australian company, hasSelection of products been established since 1982.
From their factory warehouse in Melbourne orders are dispatched throughout Australia and worldwide.

Specialising in Aromatherapy, Roonka have a reputation as leaders in the field. With a high quality Aromatherapy range, such as 100% Pure Essential oils, carrier oils, base & skin products, Roonka are committed to educating the consumer to their correct use and to understanding the many aspects of this multi-faceted therapy.

It is vital that Essential Oils used in medicinal treatments and Aromatherapy are of a superior quality, so that optimum results may be achieved by the serious user, and the safety of the product is assured.

For Roonka Australia to guarantee this quality, there are specific measures in place, which are of prime importance on reaching this standard. (more information)

Comprehensive educational support material has been developed for this purpose with books, videos, posters and pamphlets being available for both retail and consumer education. Responsible packaging is featured throughout the range, with copious information on safety precautions, detailed dosages and means of application, included in leaflets and on labels.

The name Roonka was derived from "Roongka" the Aboriginal word for the Ghost Moth Grub. Living in the rotting timber of gum trees and a greatly-relished food of the Aboriginal people, the grub was found in abundance along the banks of the River Murray. This special delicacy, eaten alive, helped the Aboriginal people to survive in the area for thousands of years.

Likewise we think that our oils and crafts are very special and unique to Australia.

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