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Education in the correct and responsible use of the fascinating art of Aromatherapy is central to the philosophy of Roonka Australia. The management team of qualified Aromatherapists have a personal passion for Essential Oils and educating others to appreciate and respect these potent substances. Aromatherapy is an intriguing subject, which is explained in detail in these inexpensive and readily available mediums, exclusive to Roonka Australia.

Discover Aromatherapy Video (60 mins)
A unique and thoroughly entertaining video. You will gain an insight into the fascinating and intriguing subject of Aromatherapy. It is the most informative and comprehensive video on the market in the world today. Watch this video and learn to use Aromatherapy in all situations to help yourself, your family and friends, and even your pets.

"Back to Basics The Natural Way" Book
An informative and inexpensive handbook on the basics of Aromatherapy. A great starting point to learn about this fascinating subject.

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