Our Commitment to Quality

Roonka has prioritized quality over price
Only a very small percentage of essential oils are specifically grown and extracted to meet the stringent quality criteria needed for oils used therapeutically in Aromatherapy. These oils must be correctly grown (wild or organically) without herbicides or pesticides, and extracted from a specific plant part of a defined botanical species and particular genetic strain. The result is optimum therapeutic value and full bodied fragrance.

A wide range of essential oil qualities are available on the market throughout the world and in Australia. The majority of the world's essential oils are mass produced for commercial grade uses in the flavour and fragrance industries. For these markets the oils are grown with the help of herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilisers. They are often double distilled, adulterated, rectified, purified and/or decoloured. Plant species are often cross pollinated. Commercial production methods are designed to produce maximum quantity for the minimum price.

We at Roonka Australia are aware of the inherent inconsistencies in the marketplace and realize that the consumer must be confident they can rely on a company's guarantee of quality. Therefore, we are very careful in our sourcing and selection of essential oils for the "Aromatiques" - our superior range of 100% pure essential oils for Aromatherapy.

Our Suppliers
Roonka’s oils are only purchased from suppliers who we have come to know and trust. These professional suppliers are well-established and come highly recommended. Their aromatherapy quality essential oils are only purchased from carefully selected growers. All oils are rigorously tested by our suppliers for any signs of impurity, adulteration, and synthetics using Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry.

It is not until oils have passed this stage of testing that we will authorise purchase at Roonka Australia.

Internal Quality Control
Upon receipt into Roonka the oils are quarantined and once again examined and tested, before being passed to production. These tests must conform to the Certificate of Analysis and meet set specifications. At the factory of Roonka Australia in Melbourne, full G.M.P. procedures are followed and all oils are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (TGA). This provides controls on the quality, safety and efficacy, of our products, using international GMP standards.

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