Hydrosol Sprays

These gentle waters are obtained from the cooled steam distillate after the flowers or herbs and water are simmered together to extract the plant's Essential Oils. They contain many of the properties of the Essential Oils and are very valuable used in natural skin care.

Chamomile Water: The gentle and soothing action of Chamomile allows this floral water to cool and refresh the skin. Perfect for all skin types, this floral water can be used as a light toner or spritzer, or include in your creams and lotions.

Lavender Water: A hydrating tonic to most skin types. Lavender water helps balance sebum production, purifies and refreshes. Lavender water hydrates skin that has been dried by the elements.

Neroli Water: Also known as “Orange Flower” water. Neroli water is a lightly astringent and helps to balance oily skins.

Rose Water: Cleansing and mildly astringent. An excellent skin hydrator, Rosewater helps to refresh tired skin and improve texture. Use as a facial toner, then apply moisturiser to dampened skin. Add to base cream to make a lotion.

Witch Hazel: An astringent skin freshener, which reduces open, clogged pores, and a good tonic for oily and infected skin. Ideal when used as an after-shave splash. Witch hazel can be helpful to control excessive perspiration and also used in a final hair rinse helps give the hair a shine and lustre.

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