Aromatherapy Lotions - Purse Pack

Use pre-blended lotions or create your own blends with the unscented base to carry with you anywhere: holiday, hospital, travel, work....
Each pack carries many recipes for different uses...the choice is yours!

With Lavender Essential Oil, Lavender Water and Calendula Infusion. Suitable for baby and all sensitive skin types. Ideal for after-sun care, nappy rash and to soothe and heal dry, inflamed and chapped skin.

With Lavender Water and Evening Primrose Oil. Suitable for all skin types. Ideal for after-sun care, and to soothe and heal inflamed and chapped skin.

With Rose Water and Rosehip Oil. Especially suited for the drier, more mature skin.

Unscented Base:
An originally-derived base for your own unique Aromatherapy blend of Essential Oils with a multitude of uses for all the family. Especially suited for allergic skin types when used unscented. A versatile lotion created with each person's unique needs in mind.

Handy recipes are included with each pack.

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