100% Pure Essential Oils in Jojoba

These precious essential oils and absolutes have been selected and blended with luxurious Jojoba to enable you to enjoy the powers of these exquisite oils at a price you can afford.

Chamomile (German) 3% in Jojoba : Beneficial in skin care for red, sensitive or neglected skin, this dilution will help to moisten and soothe

Jasmine 3% in Jojoba : Regarded as the "King of Essential Oils". An emotionally-warming oil which encourages imagination. Wonderful to use in skin care as it promotes a dewy, aromatic glow.

Neroli 3% in Jojoba : From the flowers of the Orange blossom. Ideal to moisturise and nurture sensitive and mature skin. Calming and relaxing in a bath. A favourite as a men's after-shave oil.

Rose (Maroc) 3% in Jojoba : The "Queen of Essential Oils" this highly prized and precious oil helps give women a positive feeling about themselves. Massage into the inner arms and throat and carry the exquisite perfume during the day.

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