A vital accessory for Aromatherapy! Diffusion of the gentle vapours helps keep the atmosphere clean and fresh whilst the therapeutic effects of the Essential Oils can be felt as you go about your daily routine.

Candle-lit : Create an inviting ambience with beautiful Australian-made ceramic oil warmers in a variety of colours.

Electric: Australian-made ceramic electric oilwarmers are efficient and safe to use any time. No candles or water are required and negligible electricity is used, making them inexpensive to run. Very well-suited to children's areas, and for the elderly and sick, and hospitals. (Available in 240ac 5w only - Australian Standard)

  Timber Storage Cases

Beautiful, hand-crafted timber storage cases to hold 5, 25, 40 or 75 Essential Oil bottles. The perfect accessory to store and protect your own Aromatiques collection.

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