What are Essential Oils?

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated volatile aromatic substances extracted by distillation or expression from a single plant part. For example, the petals of the rose and jasmine, the leaves of the rosemary bush, the wood of the sandalwood, the rind of the lemon and orange. These oils are often referred to as the hormones or life force of the plant. An essential oil used in Aromatherapy has nothing added either during or after the process. Hence it is 100% pure Essential oil.

Each Essential Oil has distinct and different powerful therapeutic properties, both medicinally and emotionally. It is these properties which are vital to the healing modality of Aromatherapy.

Essential Oils are presented with restricted flow inserts for accurate drop dosage, easy to read instructions for use and cautions, therapeutic actions for all products, and packaged in a box to protect from harmful sunlight.

How Essential Oils Work
Essential oils enter the body and have their effect by two routes, the nose and the skin.

How do you feel when you smell the sweet scent of a garden? Do you open up your lungs and take a deep breath? When you enter a hospital or sick room, does your breathing become shallower? Does the whiff of a long forgotten scent bring back sensations and feelings from the past? The sense of smell has profound effect, influencing us even when we are not necessarily aware.

When inhaling the oils, tiny particles are taken to the roof the nose where the olfactory system is located. Here the cilia (thin hairs) transmit information to the olfactory bulb that is situated behind the eyes. Smell signals are then decoded and sent on throughout the body.

It is now a scientifically acknowledged fact that toxic material can penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. This is a sad fact in this modern society. However, it is also a fact that essential oils have this same ability. Particularly when blended with a carrier oil. The essential oils have a tiny molecular structure, which is minute enough to permeate the skin via the hair follicles and pores. From there the molecules are carried through the bloodstream via tiny -carrying capillaries.

In this commercial and polluted world, essential oils offer a and cost-effective way to use remedies which have been in existence since ancient times, through the tools supplied to you from Mother Nature herself. Most importantly, they allow you to be in control of the substances you put into and onto your own body.

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