Dosage Reference Chart
Quick Reference Chart of Dosages and Directions for Treatment
Essential Oil Drop Dosage
Aromatic Wrap
Soak sheeting in10-15 drops and hand-hot water
4 drops in a small dish of cold boiled water
6-8 drops in bath filled with warm water
Body Scrub
Massage blend applied to body brush
6-8 drops in cold or warm water
Friction Rub
50/50 dilution in Lavender or base oil
Hand Friction Rub
2 drops neat to palm. rub to heat. Cup hands , inhale deeply
Hydrosol Spray
5 drops to 20mls of hydrosol spray (floral water)
1-2 drops in a glass cold boiled water
Steam inhalation
2-3 drops in bowl of steaming water
Ratio of one drop to 2ml base oil as a general guide
1 drop direct topical application to skin
Paper Funnel Inhalation
2-3 drops in base of paper towel, rolled into a cone shape
1 drop either side of pillow
4 drops to 2 tablespoonsful of poultice base
Pulse point
1 drop to 1ml carrier oil
Room Air Spray
50 drops in 100ml pure water in garden spray or spray top bottle
Skin Oil / Lotion Cream /Ointment
1 drop for each 2ml (body), 4ml (facial)
Sitz Bath
3-4 dropsin a bowl large enough to sit in, filled with cool/warm water
Tissue / Hankie
1-2 drops direct on cloth
6-8 drops in saucer of water (candle lit)
6-8 drops direct in electric
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